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Everyone is constantly talking about social media these days, yet few people seem to know exactly what using it as a marketing tool entails. Sure, there is plenty of free advice available online and everyone promises to ‘promote’ your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. But what will a few tweets or shares actually gain for you? The answer is: it depends on what you are willing to invest! As a solution, Get Social Promotions offers a wide range of services to meet the needs and budgets of any type of business; personalized care and attention is guaranteed at every level.

Social media never takes a vacation! Therefore, ongoing 7 days a week promotions, management and monitoring of your social media (including posting photos, articles and press releases), replying to comments and messages in a timely fashion and generating conversation on all platforms as applicable (ie: retweets, replies and shares) is our top priority. In addition, Get Social Promotions provides never-ending research & development of strategies and ideas to increase your visibility and expand your company’s reach. Under our care, constant efforts will be made to connect with your customers and position your business in the public eye!

Get Social Promotions also creates original photos and videos (with the rights of ownership belonging to you once they are posted) and is available to be present at special events to document and promote your business. Most service levels include regular meetings with you, as desired, to brainstorm & plan upcoming promotions. In addition, hands-on management of social media ad campaigns is essential. We design messages, implement campaigns and track progress as a courtesy to every client with an advertising budget.

All Get Social Promotions services are confidential and ‘invisible’ to the public and each client and their social media is treated with the utmost respect and care. As with any creative endeavor, excellent social media requires a heart, mind & soul investment. It is our desire to grow in knowledge and relationship with each client and their business. It takes time to build relationships and the special nuances of effective social media marketing require patience and consistent engagement in order to be successful. Clear, honest communication is key and we both expect and strive to return it for the health of every account. Unlike any other in a disposable online world, Get Social Promotions is your permanent business marketing solution!

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Schedule your $100* consultation for a taste of social media expertise, tailored specifically for you! If you hire Get Social Promotions, this charge will be applied to your initial service fee. Not sure you’re ready to commit? No worries! Think of your consultation as an individualized assessment of your social media needs. Invite your colleagues and take notes; the knowledge you gain will be yours to keep and implement either way- win/win!